Team Meetings


Questions about SMBA? We have answers.


Team Info Meeting, March 18: Whether you are new to the team or a veteran of the program please join us to talk about the season and answer questions.

Team Launch Party, May 16: This event is mandatory for all current and prospective SMBA Team athletes and parents.

This meeting will go over all of the awesome summer programs we have planned for 2014. We will be discussing what to expect, program dates, race dates, sponsors, team captains, community stewardship, as well as, introducing the 2014 SMBA coaching staff.

Don’t worry, it’s not all business. Tin Shed will be hosting and leave it to them to make the night a million times better…

Tin Shed will have Pizza! and, wait for it…Discounts! That’s right, if you did not have a chance to take advantage of Tin Sheds generous discount window for Team athletes this will give you one last chance to stock up on tubes, socks, derailleurs, hydration packs and everything you will need for the 2014 season!

If you ordered a bike from Specialized you will be able to pick your bike up at this event!