ColoRADo Trail

SMBA helped prepare me for all kinds of riding, racing, careers and adventures but perhaps my greatest accomplishment, to date, was attained this fall when coach Sandi and I completed the Colorado Trail by mountain bike.

Together we successfully concurred 500 miles, ~8o,000 feet of climbing and 16 days on the trail. We could have picked a flatter state to ride across but that would not have been as much fun.

It was not easy. We spent entire days above 12,000 feet, savored jelly beans like they were the last food on earth and for the first time in my cycling career, I wished for a slightly downhill perfectly smooth trail.

One of the common questions we get is, “how did you train for this trip,” The answer is simple; SMBA. Riding everyday, and loving it, is the best training. Each day we would bonk at about 3:30, and it is no coincident that this corresponds with the end of the SMBA day. We knew from years of riding with SMBA, exactly what to do: grab another snack put on a big old smile and keep rolling.

Skills from a life filled with adventure were vital to reaching our goal. We used our SMBA skills, camping skills, wilderness first aid skills and knowledge taught to us over the years by coaches, friends and family.

– My first SMBA camp taught me that the “the eye of the tiger” is always the best song to sing to yourself when faced with an impossible climb.
– My dad taught me to cut the end off my tooth brush to save weight.
– Matt Tomasko taught me that 7.5 hours is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to be on a bike every day.
– Sandi taught me that girls can do anything (as long as we have gummy bears).

The accumulation of all the being awesome we have done, and all of the awesome people that support us, lead us to accomplish even more awesomeness.

I can confidently say that we put the rad in ColoRADo Trail!

– Special thanks to Sam Seward, Max Neuman, Matt Stienwand and the Howse’s for all the supplies and advice. Thank you to my mom and dad for being our support along the way.