SMBA Partners with Pay it Forward Processing

Pay it Forward Processing is a nationwide full service Merchant Card Processing company. Our marketing strategy is very innovative. Through referral based marketing we match or beat all other Credit Card companies. Our belief is that people truly love to give. We at PFProcessing have made it possible for money to be donated to charity without the Merchant changing anything that they are currently doing and at no additional cost.

The Pay it Forward “Giving Back is a Way of Life” Program is an innovative program whose goal is to help charities. To date Pay it Forward Processing has raised over $5,000 for SMBA programming and scholarships.

“We are excited to put our customers first and have the opportunity to make a difference in our communities by donating back to charity” Renee VanHeel CEO

To find out how you can be a Pay it Forward Merchant and start giving to SMBA contact Cade VanHeel



The SMBA Devo Team is the latest offering in youth coaching by SMBA. The SMBA Devo Team offers the same high quality coaching, race support, and riding experience, in a flexible half day format. The program offers 2 summer sessions with the ability to select the morning or afternoon group, as well as, part time and full time options within those groups.

The Devo Team is offered in two 4 week sessions. The first session will run from June 1 to June 25 and the second session will be held July 13 to August 6. Riders may choose to do one or both sessions. The sessions are designed as a training building block so athletes will increase the length and intensity over the 4 weeks, they will have 2 weeks off , and then return for the second 4 weeks of training. Each week within the 4 week blocks is designed with endurance on Mondays and Thursdays, Skills on Tuesdays and team building on Wednesdays.

Part time riders will ride up to 8 practices each session and full time riders can ride up to 16 days each session. Part time riders may choose which days of the week work best for them and their training goals. Some riders may choose to do 3 days a week and then take off a week for vacation, others may choose 2 days a week and other riders may find it works best for their schedule to ride for 2 weeks and then take the other 2 days a week off.

In addition to choosing the dates that work best for each rider, families will also get to choose if they want to participate in morning practices or afternoon practices. This flexibility allows for riders that may have other commitments like swim team in the morning or soccer in the afternoon to be a part of SMBA.

With all this flexibility more SMBA super shredders will be abel to participate in SMBA.