This summer, SMBA racers have been taking on the Colorado’s Big Mountain Enduro series.  Both the Aspen and Keystone rounds have tested the rider’s fitness and bike handling skills throughout six grueling stages spanning two days each.
Round one in Aspen contained five stages at Snowmass, as well as Ajax Mountain’s inaugural mountain bike race.  Each stage required its own skill set to succeed, testing racers on jump and flow trails, freshly cut single track, grueling pedaling sections and even the NORBA downhill track. Quinn Reece, Talus Lantz, Miles Wells and Burke Valentine represented the SMBA team in the highly competitive under 21 category, making their presence known to the significantly older field, while discovering the skills and strategy that enduro requires.
In Keystone, SMBA was joined by Emily Knight, Asher Rudkin and Liam Henderson, three newcomers to enduro racing.  The six stages in Keystone were much more downhill oriented, testing technical skills and resilience to “arm pump” and “finger pump”.  Emily Knight emerged victorious after six consistent stages, while Liam Henderson finished in fourth place, just ahead of SMBA alumni Ivo Erben in fifth place.  The other SMBA racers faced big crashes, lost pedals, taco’d wheels and flat tires in certain stages, but fought through the diversity, with strong finishes in the alternate stages!
Next up is round four in Winter Park, SMBA’s home turf.  It’s going to be a fun one!
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