Winter Park BME

During our Fourth of July breaks, some of the race team raced in the Winter Park BME! It was a really fun course because it included a few trails that some of us had never ridden before. It was definitely one of the favorites out of all the BMEs!

We were really glad to have been able to do a trail called Mountain Goat, because it’s being decommissioned after this season, so it was pretty cool to be able to race it! All of us were able to clear it, and it was fun watching the pros and some other people coming down it on the practice days. On one particularly nasty rock garden, we saw a guy almost go over his bars because he put his foot down before a drop! It was still a really fun trail though.

The BME involved 4 stages, each on really fun separate trails. The first run went pretty smoothly, with only one chain drop, no bad crashes at all, and good weather. The second stage went smoothly as well, but was a bit more technical. On the transfer to the third stage, it started to rain a bit, so the boys had to do Mountain Goat while it was still wet! However, none of them crashed, and only Emily had a fall on that stage, but she got right back up! As we went to stage four, we heard some thunder and it was cloudy, but it didn’t rain on us at all, which was good, and everybody finished the race smoothly.

The team overall did really well, and there was only one serious crash out of everybody, and very few mechanicals.

For the girls, Ari got 6th, Camille got 8th, and Emily got 10th due to her crash on Mountain Goat. However, she was alright and finished the race! Since this particular race was optional, these were the only girls that made it to the race.

For the boys, Quinn got second, while Talus got 5th! They both raced in the U21 category. Racing in the U16 category, Braden was the only Race Team boy and finished 8th.
The rest of the boys weren’t able to make it to the race.

Overall, the race was definitely one of the best BMEs of the year and was a complete blast. We loved it and thank you so much to our sponsors! Without your help we wouldn’t have gotten to race this BME at all!

Keystone BME Race Report

Keystone, CO BME

The SMBA race boys arrived in Keystone, Colorado on Thursday for the third round of the 2017 Big Mountain Enduro. The race itself was four stages, all of which were on the resort’s bike park. Keystone is known for its incredibly technical downhill tracks, it’s weirdly (and some would go as far to say poorly) built jumps, and its very high speeds. Most, if not all of the riders favorite part was just how technical it was compared to the previous BME event in Eagle, Co. The tracks in Keystone were very physical, three of which were over 8.5 minutes, and one that was 5.5 minutes. The stages had a mix of everything, jumps to scrub, turns to rail, and at the end of each stage, some very technical rock sections that would really test your composure after the first hard 7 minutes. All in all, Keystone didn’t disappoint, and as a team, we all got some our best results to date!



Braden Linde 5th (Youth men 12-16)

Ryan Salek 13th (Youth Men 12-16)

Jacob Seger 10th (U21 Men)

Talus Lantz 4th (U21 Men)

Quinn Reece 1st (U21 Men)


Thank you sponsors and supporters!

Crested Butte XC Race Report

Crested Butte Bike Week Race Report


This weekend the SMBA Race Girls headed to Crested Butte to participate in the CB Bike Week. We kicked off the weekend on Friday by spectating at the “3,786th annual chainless downhill world championships.” We loved all the costumes and cool bikes.

On Saturday we ate pancakes, pre-rode our course and were all relieved not to be doing the Fat Tire 40 that had several hundred people in CB in a lot of pain. We spent the evening at the riders meeting hosted by CB Devo, eating pizza and ice cream.

Sunday was race day and the SMBA girls swept the u18 podium after completing a super fun 12 mile course. One of our riders did the 10 mile u14 race and got 4th! The course for the Junior Wildflower Classic was gorgeous and so much fun; we all had a great time racing!



Maddie – 1st place u18 girls

Elliote – 2nd place u18 girls

Camille – 3rd place u18 girls

Ari – 6th place u18 girls

Emily – 7th place u18 girls

Ashley – 4th place u14 girls


We want to thank all of our sponsors for the support they’ve given us this season. We’re now over half way through our race calendar and we could not have had more fun or be more excited for the races to come!

Also, thank you the Knight family for hosting us and cooking such delicious food for us to enjoy all weekend long.

Finally, thank you to Crested Butte Devo for putting on such an fun event this weekend. We were all so happy to take part in such an amazing celebration of kids and bikes.



Vail Go Pro BME Race Report

What: Big Mountain Enduro in Eagle, Colorado. A physical race that was very hot but had super fun trails.
Favorite Part: The flow of the trails and the speed you could get from pumping.
How did the team do: The SMBA Race Program did very well, with all of the race team members completing the race. Some highlights were Quinn Reece in 2nd (U21 men), and Madigan Munro in 3rd (U21 Women).
Race Results:

U21 Women- Madigan Munro 3rd, Elliote Muir 5th, Camille Lamarque 6th, Emily Knight 7th, Ashley Seger 8th.

U21 Men- Quinn Reece 2nd, Talus Lantz 5th, Jacob Seger 16th.

Youth Men 10-16- Braden Linde 8th, Ryan Salek 14th.
Thank You: Thank you to our sponsors for the support for us. At this race it was very challenging physically because of the heat and all the climbing, but all our gear and product helped us get through the day. Thank you also for the support so that we can go to these races and get these amazing results!


Vail Go Pro XC Race Report

Vail GoPro Games XC

On Saturday, after a long day of racing enduro on Friday, five of our SMBA girls raced the Vail GoPro Games XC.

This was a 7 mile race for us, as we were racing junior sport and beginner.

We loved the downhill section of the race. It was switchbacks and berms through aspens down Vail mountain and we all had a blast on this part of the course.

Overall, this race went really well for us. We had no crashes or mechanicals. We had two (and unofficially three) girls on the podium.


Maddie – 1st

Camille – 2nd

Ari – 5th

Elliote – unofficially 1st (course marshals yelled to go for another lap instead of going to the finish. Was in first before being misdirected and was not allowed to protest.)

Emily – DNF

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting us so far this season.  This weekend was full of racing for us and we were so grateful to have your support.