Crested Butte BME and Overall

When we arrived in Crested Butte on Wednesday, we were greeted by the familiar mountain air and the towering and beautiful Mt. Crested Butte. Our racers knew after the first day of practice, just how hard this race would be. Over the 2 race days, we had climbed just over 5000’ feet in elevation, at the already high altitude venue. U21 overall leader Quinn Reece had an unfortunate high speed front flat and crash, causing him to crack his front rim 2 minutes into the 15 minute long stage one, erasing his hopes of a win at the last race of the season, but he went on to win the next two stages, but couldn’t keep it upright yet again, as he crashed 5 times on the famous stage four down Teocalli Ridge. Talus Lantz was able to combine calmness with consistency, and took his first U21 of the year, just over a minute ahead of 2nd place! Jacob Seger toughed out the grueling 2 days for an 8th place finish. Burke Valentine, who was seemingly struggling all weekend and plagued by crashes resulting in quite a few bloody noses, still managed to slot his way into an impressive second place finish in the youth men 12-16, with fellow teammate Ryan Salek achieving a very impressive 9th place at the hardest race of the season!

In The Big Mountain Enduro series overall, Ryan Salek ended up in 12th overall for the 12-16 division, with Burke Valentine in 9th and Braden Linde in 5th in the 12-16’s as well! Jacob Seger took 11th, Talus Lantz took 3rd, and Quinn Reece took 1st in the nearly 60 rider U21 Men’s overall division! We would like to thank all of you for the continuous support of the team throughout the 2017 season! Without you, the success that the team achieved would not of been able to happen!

Happy Trails!

-SMBA Race Team (written by Quinn Reece)