Kick off the mountain bike season with an epic adventure to what is quite possibly the greatest place to ride in the good old US of A! Join us as we get pumped for the season with epic riding, team camaraderie, desert camping and of course Smore’s.

Expert coaches will guide athletes through crazy terrain in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

SMBA Moab includes transportation, camping, food, and coaching.

***2020 Moab Spring Break Trip has been cancelled

Spring Break Adventure Trip Moab
Grade 4 and up
March 23 – March 27           $675 Early bird          $725 After February 28

Each day of the Moab Adventure Trip is unique and will depend on the groups skill level, energy level, traffic on the trails and weather. Below is a list of some of the possible adventures we will be embarking on.

Slick Rock: This is a Moab classic and gives each rider the true slick rock riding experience Moab is famous for. This trail offers steep climbs, fun features and unlimited traction. Whether we are knocking out  practice loop or tackling the whole trail one things for sure, riders will not be bored.

Klondike Bluffs: This trail offers riding for all ability levels, contains slick rock and showcases miles of singletrack but most notably this ride gives athletes the chance to check out dinosaur foot prints and take a look into Arches National Park from our scenic lunch spot.

Amasa Back: This trail starts of up a fantastic jeep track offering obstacles and challenges. With fun additions like Pothole Arch, Rock Stacker, and Captain Ahab this trail is perhaps the most technical we will tackle during the week.

Porcupine Rim: Everyone loves Porcupine but don’t let the 11+ miles of downhill fool you, this ride will test your fitness and stamina while putting a smile on your face for the whole day.
Magnificent 7: This trail offers fun singtrack that will challenge each riders technical finesse. Riders will find neat features to get up, get down and get around. This trail requires focus and precision which is why SMBA riders love it.

Moab Dirt Jumps: This set of dirt jumps are beautifully made and offer a brilliant beginner line and nice progression. One of our favorite places to stop post ride or on our way out of town on Friday.

Food: Please bring your lunch for the first day and favorite riding fuel. Please let SMBA know if you have any dietary restrictions upon registration.

Water: Hydration pack and extra bottles

Riding gear for hot and cold weather (It could be 90 and sunny or 30 and snowing): Helmet, gloves, shorts, shoes, riding pack with:  rain jacket, leg warmers, tubes(2), lube, pump, tools, and food

Money: Please bring spending money for food/fun and emergency (bike parts, medical…)

Camping Checklist:
2 pair of hang out pants
1 pair of hang out shorts
2 pair of socks per day
Bathing Suit
Hiking Shoes
Flip flops AKA bathroom/camp shoes
4 shirts
Warm jacket
Warm gloves
Warm hat
Sun hat
Sun Screen!
Bug Spray
Mess Kit: spoon, fork, knife, bowl, plate, cup.
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, …)
Flashlight and/or headlamp

Tent:  In an effort to reduce gear space so we will be sharing tents. Three to four tents will be selected. If you end up in someone else tent please be respectful and keep your shoes and dirt outside.
Rain Fly

Camping chair (optional)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping Pad
Camera (optional)
Bike lock
Duct tape
Cards and/or games for bad weather

Put your name on everything

Drop Off: At drop off there will be a coach there to great you, as well as, other athletes being dropped off. Athletes are asked to arrive on time and check in with their coach. This is a great time to speak with the coach about any allergies, medical issues or concerns you may have. Please make sure that your athlete is prepared for the week before leaving. This includes: bike, shoes, helmet, tube, small tool, water, food camping gear and emergency money.

Monday: Meet at 8am at the SMBA office. After everyone has been checked in, the athletes will  load the van for the road trip to Moab. After camp is set up we may opt to do a short ride and get to bed early.

Tuesday – Thursday: The campers will wake up, prepare and eat breakfast, ride amazing trails, enjoy lunch, finish the ride, stop for showers, prepare and eat dinner, build the camp fire, roast marshmallows, sleep and repeat.  Campers may also take fun field trips to Arches National Park, neat canyon hikes, the local dirt jumps, the pool, and local eateries.

Friday: At 7:30am we will wake up, pack the van and do a fun ride near camp. We will return to the SMBA office  in the evening.

Pick Up: Each camper will call their parents when they are leaving the Moab and when they reach Golden to alert their parents of their arrival time. At the end of the trip coaches will be present to assist with questions and to let parents/guardians know if any issues arose during the week. Parents are encouraged to speak with the coaches about their child’s trip.


A: Please let both coaches know and we can arrange a late drop off or help you look for a carpool with another family.