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Crested Butte BME and Overall

When we arrived in Crested Butte on Wednesday, we were greeted by the familiar mountain air and the towering and beautiful Mt. Crested Butte. Our racers knew after the first day of practice, just how hard this race would be. Over the 2 race days, we had climbed just over 5000’ feet in elevation, at […]

Winter Park BME

During our Fourth of July breaks, some of the race team raced in the Winter Park BME! It was a really fun course because it included a few trails that some of us had never ridden before. It was definitely one of the favorites out of all the BMEs! We were really glad to have […]

Keystone BME Race Report

Keystone, CO BME The SMBA race boys arrived in Keystone, Colorado on Thursday for the third round of the 2017 Big Mountain Enduro. The race itself was four stages, all of which were on the resort’s bike park. Keystone is known for its incredibly technical downhill tracks, it’s weirdly (and some would go as far […]

Crested Butte XC Race Report

Crested Butte Bike Week Race Report   This weekend the SMBA Race Girls headed to Crested Butte to participate in the CB Bike Week. We kicked off the weekend on Friday by spectating at the “3,786th annual chainless downhill world championships.” We loved all the costumes and cool bikes. On Saturday we ate pancakes, pre-rode our course and […]

Vail Go Pro BME Race Report

What: Big Mountain Enduro in Eagle, Colorado. A physical race that was very hot but had super fun trails. Favorite Part: The flow of the trails and the speed you could get from pumping. How did the team do: The SMBA Race Program did very well, with all of the race team members completing the […]

Vail Go Pro XC Race Report

Vail GoPro Games XC On Saturday, after a long day of racing enduro on Friday, five of our SMBA girls raced the Vail GoPro Games XC. This was a 7 mile race for us, as we were racing junior sport and beginner. We loved the downhill section of the race. It was switchbacks and berms through […]

Beti Bike Bash Race Report

On Sunday, June 4, the SMBA race girls headed down to Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood to participate in the 2017 Beti Bike Bash. We all really like how the race is so supportive of getting girls on bikes in a fun environment. Another highlight is definitely wearing glitter and tutus. Overall, the team […]

Sante Fe BME Race Report

What: Big Mountain Enduro in a private camp (Glorieta Camps) that had an awesome and gnarly trail network. Where: Santa Fe, New Mexico at Glorieta Camps. Favorite Part: The loose corners on the tracks, because they were like big ruts with nice catch berms. How did the team do: The SMBA Race Program did very […]

Moab BME Race Report

Moab Race Write Up This was an enduro race and 4 stages and 4 pedal transfers in Moab, Utah. We really liked stages one and three and the pedal transfer to stage one. Something funny that happened on our trip was we left out rain flys off during the day because it was so hot. […]

Land Conservation Award

Each spring during Volunteer Week, Boulder County honors individuals or groups with its Land Conservation Awards for outstanding contributions made to the conservation, preservation and protection of land-based environmental resources. This year the Partnership Award will be given to the Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures for outstanding achievement in the Partnership Initiative Program through the contribution of over […]