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Community Stewardship

The SMBA program and riders are dedicated to making our community a better place.

Through community stewardship we are able to create opportunities and give assistance to groups that have amazing missions. In addition to helping those around us, community stewardship is a key part to each riders success and the success of SMBA as a whole. Community stewardship teaches riders valuable lessons about life, character and giving. This program creates champions on the bike and off the bike.


SMBA Community Stewardship Opportunities:

Trail Work Days: Whether the SMBA Team is working with Boulder County Open Space, NATO or BMA these days teach each athlete the importance of respecting our trails and all the work that went into them. Trail work days remind each rider that they are lucky to have such amazing trails and that it is up to each one of us to take care of them. Trails do not just happen they take dedication and hard work from every rider.

Community Food Share: Like many of our projects there are many lessons to be learned. Working for community food share lets each rider help fight hunger in our local community while learning the importance of fresh food and where it comes from.

The Carillon at Boulder Creek: As you already know, the Carillon is one of our amazing community supporters. They are great neighbors and we have the honor of hanging out with the residents. Whether SMBA Team athletes are teaching residents to hula hoop, or having frozen yogurt parties, hanging out with these seniors is a blast.

Boulder Homeless Shelter: Working with the Boulder Homeless Shelter allows SMBA to change and enrich lives, while learning more about the hardships facing many people in our community

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day: Working with IMBA Take a Kid Mountain Biking let’s each rider introduce new kids to the sport they love so much. SMBA riders inspire the next generation to get out there on two wheels and have some fun.


SMBA is always looking for additional projects that we can work on. With over 100 dedicated SMBA Team members we can make a big impact in our community. If you have a project that needs our help let us know.


“My rider came home yesterday extra grubby and tired and he explained he’d been doing trail work. I rode the section where he had been working and it’s great! I just wanted to let you know that it’s fantastic that you’re not just learning to be strong riders, but you’re becoming members of a strong riding community by giving something back. Well done and thanks!”