Crested Butte XC Race Report

Crested Butte Bike Week Race Report


This weekend the SMBA Race Girls headed to Crested Butte to participate in the CB Bike Week. We kicked off the weekend on Friday by spectating at the “3,786th annual chainless downhill world championships.” We loved all the costumes and cool bikes.

On Saturday we ate pancakes, pre-rode our course and were all relieved not to be doing the Fat Tire 40 that had several hundred people in CB in a lot of pain. We spent the evening at the riders meeting hosted by CB Devo, eating pizza and ice cream.

Sunday was race day and the SMBA girls swept the u18 podium after completing a super fun 12 mile course. One of our riders did the 10 mile u14 race and got 4th! The course for the Junior Wildflower Classic was gorgeous and so much fun; we all had a great time racing!



Maddie – 1st place u18 girls

Elliote – 2nd place u18 girls

Camille – 3rd place u18 girls

Ari – 6th place u18 girls

Emily – 7th place u18 girls

Ashley – 4th place u14 girls


We want to thank all of our sponsors for the support they’ve given us this season. We’re now over half way through our race calendar and we could not have had more fun or be more excited for the races to come!

Also, thank you the Knight family for hosting us and cooking such delicious food for us to enjoy all weekend long.

Finally, thank you to Crested Butte Devo for putting on such an fun event this weekend. We were all so happy to take part in such an amazing celebration of kids and bikes.