• COVID19 Update
• Guidance for Sports Camps

Frequently Asked Questions

We Understand the 2021 Season has some questions, we hope to provide some clarification with some frequently asked questions and their answers.


Please understand this season is “subject to change”. We appreciate your participation and involvement in our programs. We look forward to a season of development, local community and enjoying the trails.

    • In 2020 SMBA enacted a series of COVID-19 protocols in accordance with Boulder County Public Health and State Mandates. We follow these protocols for all of our scheduled rides and events. 
      • All athletes and coaches must complete a health check form prior to each ride. The health check form can be found here: 
      • All parents or guardians must wear a proper face covering at drop-off and pick up.
      • All coaches and athletes must wear a proper face covering at drop off and pickup, during the ride, when encountering other trail users, at snack stops, and  when 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained. 
      • When possible athletes and coaches will practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet apart.
      • Athletes will be assigned to groups of 8 or less for each ride

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not currently using our vans for transportation.  All SMBA rides meet and finish at designated trailheads. Athletes will receive a registration confirmation of drop-off/pick-up and ride locations at the beginning of the session. Each day, athletes will check-in with their coaches at the trailhead before the ride.

We have staggered the drop off and pick up times for each group. If you are dropping off kids at two different locations, please let the coaches know and we can arrange an early or late drop off for one of the camps.

Athletes need to be prepared for a full day of biking outside, sudden weather changes, and minor mechanical issues (e.g. flat tire). We recommend a hydration pack (e.g. CamelBak, Osprey, etc.) with a water reservoir that can hold the following: enough water and food for the duration of the ride, tube, sunscreen, rain jacket, small hand pump, and small multi-tool.

At SMBA camps we spend the day on the trail, and stop along the trail for lunch or snack breaks. Lunch and snacks need fit in the athlete’s pack so that they can carry everything they need with them on the ride.

    • We recommend nutritious snacks that do not need refrigeration, will withstand a day inside a pack, and not melt or get squashed easily. For example, bagels, bars, wraps, nut butters, pretzels, jerky, dried fruits, carrots, and apple slices are all types of foods that hold up in a pack during a day’s ride.   
    • We recommend avoiding dairy products, foods with mayonnaise, dairy products, fragile fruits or foods that squash easily, and high sugar content foods such as candies and sodas. 
    • Athletes are not allowed to consume caffeine during SMBA practices, rides, or camps. 

Yes, athletes are permitted to ride home from training if Guardiands submit the a ride home waiver.


Submit here: Ride Home Waiver