Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have some questions about ride protocols and policies during the upcoming season, we hope to provide some clarification with some frequently asked questions and their answers.


Please understand the season is “subject to change” due to changing COVID conditions. We appreciate your participation and involvement in our programs. We look forward to a season of development, local community and enjoying the trails.

All of our coaches and athletes love to mountain bike, and we rarely cancel rides. Please be prepared to ride in all weather conditions (rain, snow, sun, wind, heat, cold temps). However, the health and safety of our coaches and athletes is important and we continually monitor air quality, weather, and trail conditions that may impact ride safety. We may change the ride location, shorten, or cancel a ride if conditions are deemed unsafe before or during a ride, or at a particular trailhead. 


The decision to cancel, shorten, or change a ride location due to inclement weather, unsafe conditions, or trail closure will be made within 1-2 hours of a scheduled ride. However, please be aware that rapid weather changes at the beginning or during a ride may result in a delay, shortening, or cancellation if the current conditions at a trail are deemed unsafe by staff. Parents will be notified of any ride changes.


 There are no refunds or ride make-ups for cancellations or delays due to inclement weather, poor air quality, trail closures, or other acts of nature. 


We encourage parents to make the best decisions for their families and keep their athlete home any time they feel uncomfortable with the weather forecast, air quality, or trail conditions on the day of a scheduled ride. 


Air Quality: 

    • We use the standard Air Quality Index (AQI) provided by:  and the real-time air quality map on to monitor the air quality in Boulder and the nearest location to a scheduled ride. 
    • We use the CDC and EPA Air Quality & Activity Guidance for Schools  to determine whether or not a ride will be cancelled or adjusted due to air quality. 
    • As per the guide, the following Air Quality scale will be applied: 
      •  AQI 125 or below: ride will go on as scheduled
      •  AQI 126 – 150: ride distance and intensity will be decreased; number of breaks during the ride will be increased. 
      • AQI 151 or above: ride will be cancelled 


  • We use Weather Underground and the National Weather Service to monitor the weather in Boulder and the nearest location to a scheduled ride. 
  • A ride will be cancelled under the following weather conditions: 
    • Real feel* temperature below 40 degrees within 2 hours before the start of the ride, or predicted  to decline below 40 degrees during the ride.
    • Continuous, heavy, and accumulating precipitation (rain or snow) within 1-2 hours before the start of a ride 
    • Persistent lighting (lasting for 30 minutes or more at the start of the ride) within 6 miles of the scheduled ride location.
    • Consistent temperature at or above 100 degrees forecasted during the ride.
  • A ride may shortened or delayed, or the location may change due to the following conditions: 
    • A sudden drop in temperature during the ride (below 38 degrees)
    • Persistent lighting within 6 miles of the ride location lasting for more than 30 minutes. 
    • Heavy and accumulating precipitation, and potential flash flood conditions. 

*Real feel temperature is used to make decisions about ride cancellations because it takes into account the following factors: ambient temperature, wind chill, wind speed, humidity, and sun intensity. All of these factors are important in determining safety of ride conditions. 

    • In 2020 SMBA enacted a series of COVID-19 protocols in accordance with Boulder County Public Health and State Mandates. We continuously update and follow current recommendations and mandates in accordance with Boulder County Public Health, State Mandates, and CDC recommendations. 
      • All athletes and coaches are required to complete a health check form prior to each ride. The health check form can be found here: SMBA Health Screening Form
      • Athletes exhibiting any COVID symptoms in the health screening will not be allowed to ride. 
      • Athletes should not attend a ride if anyone in their household has an active COVID infection or tests positive for COVID.
      • All parents or guardians are encouraged to wear a mask at drop-off and pick up.
      • Athletes, coaches, and parents are encouraged to wear a mask when 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained. 
      • When possible athletes and coaches will practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet apart.
      • Athletes must sign a van waiver and follow all van protocol rules, including wearing a mask at all times when in the van

COVID protocols and policies are subject to change during the season with rising or declining case rates, changes in CDC and state public health recommendations, county mandates, and policies set forth by our Safety Committee.

Van transportation and regular SMBA schedules are back starting Summer 2021! 


SMBA Team rides start and end at the SMBA office (194 Taft Dr.; north side of Carillon next to Rocky Mountain Tennis Center)

  • Athletes are dropped off and picked up at the SMBA office. Athletes ride in the SMBA vans to and from trailheads.
    • For after school rides, athletes are dropped off at the office at 4:15pm and picked up at 6:45pm. 
    • For Sunday rides, drop off and pick up is 10am and 4pm. 
    • During the summer, drop off and pick up is 8am and 3:30pm. 

If you would like to meet the vans and coaches at the trailhead, please check in with coaches before the ride. Ride locations are determined by the coaching team each day during a pre-ride coaches’ meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled drop-off time. 


SMBA Team coaches choose ride locations each day based on predicted weather/trail conditions during the ride, skill practice and progression goals each week, and land agency permit rules and regulations. 


Team ride locations vary in mileage length, technical difficulty, and elevation gain. This provides athletes the opportunity to practice a wide range of mountain bike skills on varied terrain, and adds variety to the ride schedule throughout the season. Some rides may be shorter in length and focus on a specific skill or specific sections of trail, while other rides may be longer and focus more on continuous pedaling to build endurance. 


Please be aware that unforeseen traffic delays, weather, bike path mechanicals, trail locations, or other unforeseen circumstances may result in later or earlier van arrival/departure times to and from trailheads. 

We have staggered the drop off and pick up times for each group. If you are dropping off kids at two different locations, please let the coaches know and we can arrange an early or late drop off for one of the camps.

Athletes need to be prepared for a full day of biking outside, sudden weather changes, and minor mechanical issues (e.g., flat tire). We recommend a hydration pack (e.g. CamelBak, Osprey, etc.) with an integrated water reservoir and enough space to hold enough water, snacks, and other necessary items for a day on the trail. 


Below is a recommended list of items that should be carried in athlete’s packs during SMBA rides: 

  • water (adequate amount for the length of the ride and hot weather; we recommend at least 100oz for a full day ride)
  • snacks (easy to open and eat snacks for quick snack stops during the ride e.g., bars, fruit slices, pretzels, nuts, etc.)
  • lunch (for full day rides – lunches that easily fit into packs and hold up well in a pack all day, e.g. wraps, sandwiches, etc.)
  • sunscreen
  • rain jacket
  • tube (correct size and valve type for athlete’s bike)
  • multi-tool 
  • handpump
  • tissues or toilet paper
  • $5.00 (sometimes team groups go for hot chocolate or ice cream at the end of a ride, or can be used for a tube or patch kit if needed).
  • hand sanitizer
  • quart size sandwich bag (to pack out wrappers and trash at the end of the day)
  • bug spray (optional, but useful in summer)

At SMBA camps we spend the entire day on the trail and stop along the trail for lunch or snack breaks. Lunch and snacks need fit in the athlete’s pack so that they can carry everything they need with them on the ride.

    • We recommend a variety of nutritious snacks that do not need refrigeration, will withstand a hot day inside a pack, and not melt or get squashed easily. For example, bagels, bars, wraps, nut butters, pretzels, jerky, dried fruits, carrots, and apple slices are all types of foods that hold up in a pack during a full day’s ride.   
    • We recommend avoiding foods with mayonnaise, dairy products, fragile fruits or foods that squash easily, and high sugar content foods such as candies and sodas. 
    • Athletes are not allowed to consume caffeine during SMBA practices, rides, or camps. 

Yes, athletes are permitted to ride home from training if Guardiands submit the a ride home waiver.


Submit here: Ride Home Waiver

Vans are utilized for the Team Program (2 day Spring/Fall or Sundays and the Summer Team).


We have strict procedures and protocols in place to ensure the safety of our community. 

Vaccinations and masks are required for all van rides. Please review the 2022 Van Protocols in entirety here.


Use the form below to submit proof of vaccination.

Proof of Vaccination Form