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Full Season - Epic

Adventure riding for athletes who want to challenge themselves in Colorado’s backcountry.


The SMBA Epic is a new-for-2021 program building on SMBA’s tradition of exploring some of the West’s best mountain biking destinations. With sights set on adventure, SMBA Epic offers junior athletes an opportunity to consistently focus on longer-distance, backcountry mountain biking. In contrast to SMBA Racing, which focuses on competition, our emphasis is geared towards building skills necessary for self-reliant, adventure-oriented mountain biking – we ride for the joy of riding, overcoming challenging terrain, and exploring where we have never been.  SMBA Epic will provide athletes with a number of adventure riding formats, including point-to-point distance rides, home-base camping trips and rides in association with events where fellow SMBA athletes are competing. The Epic program is designed for both middle and high school athletes (6th grade and up) who have ridden with the SMBA Team program for at least one session and want to challenge themselves with longer, more epic rides throughout the year. Boys and girls who sign up for the adventure program will ride together as a cohort throughout the spring and summer to build riding skills, confidence on the trail, and to explore the outdoors by bike!


The SMBA Epic program will build skills and abilities through a progression of increasingly challenging rides! Team members will start their adventure in spring 2021 with a variety of rides designed to build endurance for longer summer epics. These include both weekend and weekday rides on the Front Range including: Heil Ranch, Picture Rock, Walker Ranch, White Ranch and Betasso Preserve. Following spring training, summer rides will include venues both familiar and unfamiliar to riders previously enrolled in the SMBA Team program. This includes both rides in the immediate Boulder area, Jefferson County and in the high country. SMBA Epic rides will be geared towards covering longer distances over rougher terrain than typically encountered on SMBA Team rides. Summer session will also include at least two adventure trips, where athletes will have the opportunity to both ride and camp!  


  • Spring Rides: Tuesday, Thursday (4pm – 6pm) and Sunday (11am – 3pm)
  • Summer Rides: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (9am – 2pm)·       
  • Adventure: 2 adventure ride/trip during spring or summer – TBA

Riders must be in at least 6th grade at the time of application to the SMBA Epic programs and must also have participated previously in SMBA Team rides and/or have been a member of the SMBA Racing team.  As this program focuses on longer rides over challenging terrain, athletes should be interested in completing a greater number of distance rides in backcountry conditions than is typical for the SMBA Team program.


Athletes should have a reliable and safe mountain bike in good working condition that can be ridden on rugged singletrack trails and is geared appropriately for steep terrain. We recommend bikes with 26” wheels and up and with appropriate suspension (either front or full suspension).  In addition, athletes are expected to come to rides prepared for the backcountry! This means bringing proper tools to fix a flat or make minor trailside adjustments and repairs, having proper clothing for weather and unexpected weather changes, a way to carry their tools and clothes (e.g., a camelback) and proper safety equipment (e.g., helmet, gloves, and sunglasses). For overnight adventure trips, riders must possess all necessary camping equipment, including tent, sleeping bag and pad, and appropriate post-ride clothing.


For additional information or questions contact heather@lertprograms.com