Keystone BME Race Report

Keystone, CO BME

The SMBA race boys arrived in Keystone, Colorado on Thursday for the third round of the 2017 Big Mountain Enduro. The race itself was four stages, all of which were on the resort’s bike park. Keystone is known for its incredibly technical downhill tracks, it’s weirdly (and some would go as far to say poorly) built jumps, and its very high speeds. Most, if not all of the riders favorite part was just how technical it was compared to the previous BME event in Eagle, Co. The tracks in Keystone were very physical, three of which were over 8.5 minutes, and one that was 5.5 minutes. The stages had a mix of everything, jumps to scrub, turns to rail, and at the end of each stage, some very technical rock sections that would really test your composure after the first hard 7 minutes. All in all, Keystone didn’t disappoint, and as a team, we all got some our best results to date!



Braden Linde 5th (Youth men 12-16)

Ryan Salek 13th (Youth Men 12-16)

Jacob Seger 10th (U21 Men)

Talus Lantz 4th (U21 Men)

Quinn Reece 1st (U21 Men)


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