Team SMBA has Awesome Sponsors!

Thanks to the SMBA sponsors and supporters SMBA Team athletes get discounts, special deals, product and much more. We can’t thank these guys enough for all they do for the program, from providing scholarship funding, program funding, and discounts, to rad pictures, epic workouts and sweet gear.

These deals are for SMBA Team Members ONLY. Athletes must log in to get discount codes, special deals and ordering information.

Being a brand ambassador: Being sponsored comes with great responsibility.

  • Sponsorship deals are for SMBA Team athletes ONLY. Do not share these deals with your friends or family. You have worked hard for them.
  • Please be appreciative of all the wonderful deals and say, “Thank You”!
  • Please wear the SMBA jersey on the podium, at race events, to show off title sponsors.
  • Please support and speak positively about other competitors, team mates, and SMBA sponsors at all times.
  • SMBA athletes must follow the SMBA Athlete Code of Conduct and set a good example at all times.

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