Coaches & Staff

Just like any other sport, a great coach lays the foundation for each athlete’s success. Our coaches will help riders learn the necessary skills to be a safe, confident and successful. Whether a rider is new to mountain biking, or looking to perfect their super sweet SMBA skills, we have the perfect coach.


SMBA coaches get to know each riders strengths, and weaknesses, and cheer each rider on through their individual successes. Because of the low (1:6) coach to rider ratio at SMBA, each rider will receive specific feedback in regards to their form and technique. In addition to skills, SMBA coaches will help riders build confidence, become a team player, learn bike/trail etiquette, learn bike mechanics and more.


The SMBA progression focuses on climbing, descending, cornering and balance.  SMBA is a leader in skill development because each coach focuses on breaking down skills, building on the current level of each rider and teaching to all learning types. SMBA takes the time to build base skills that last a lifetime!


For our SMBA coaches, rider safety is paramount. While the coaches strive to make the ride as safe and fun as possible, spills, crashes, and accidents are inevitable. Due to this, and taking into consideration the locations we ride, all of our coaches at a minimum are Wilderness First Aid and CPR trained, and some of our coaches have additional training to the Wilderness EMT level.