Skills Intensive Days are training days with a specific skill or race style focus. Regular skills intensive days, non-Enduro Race Skills Intensives, will be at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park.

Skills Intensives (lift access): These lift access days are perfect for all riders looking to dig in and work on skills, whether your focus is cross county, enduro, downhill or having fun.

SMBA is all about sweet skills and providing detail oriented coaching with some of the best coaches in the country. Skills Intensives allow athletes to focus on skills with a low coach to rider ratio. By narrowing the intent for the day and providing additional time on technical sections athletes’ progress with the speed of lightning. Skills learned here will help each athlete ride like a champion every time they get on their bike.

Skills Intensive Days: Skills intensive days are designed for the SMBA athlete that is looking to build on their SMBA skills. These sessions focus on forum, cornering, jumping, dropping and technical sections. These days are perfect for athletes have been riding with the SMBA team program and are proficient at braking, cornering, proper bike position. Each group will be divided by ability level. Riders that are new to lift access riding will learn how to load the lift, complete a warm up run and then dive into downhill basics. Skills Intensive veterans and advanced riders will jump right in with a warm up run, pick a focus for the day and dial in their sweet skills with detailed coaching.

Skills Intensive (lift access at Trestle Bike Park):
Grade 4 and up

Friday 7:00am – Return Approximately 5pm

$89 (each day sold separately)

June 21
June 28
July 12
July 19

Van Fee: $20 for round trip. If riders are meeting the group, or being picked up, in Winter Park, this will be $10 one way.

Lift Ticket: Each rider is also responsible for purchasing a lift ticket. Lift tickets are $39 and will be purchased at the ticket window at the Winter Park Base Area through the Trestle Bike Shop.

Waiver: Each rider will need to have a parent fill out a waiver online prior to them arriving at Winter Park. The Waiver can be found at:

The trail selection and difficulty level of Winter Park makes for a very fun day of riding. SMBA will have access to “Green” level trails all the way up to “Double Diamonds” so that each rider, no matter what level, will have a chance to push their riding in a safe and fun environment. SMBA coaches will select trails that fit each individual group, highlighting the skill focus of the day and providing new challenges.

To insure a safe and pleasant day of cycling, please be sure that your child’s bike is in good working condition. Please visit Tin Shed Sports for a free safety check. Other local shops provide safety checks for a nominal fee.

  • Mountain bike
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Cycling gloves
  • Full face helmet *protective gear or pants and long sleeves recommended
  • Cycling shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack or hydration pack to carry the following while riding:
  • Rain jacket/Layers
  • Water
  • Spare tube (check the tube size and valve type)
  • Sunscreen
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • $5 for special treats

Nutritious Items that hold up on the trail include:
Nut butters, jerky, apples, oranges, energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, string cheese, hummus, pretzels, cold pizza, burritos, carrots, celery, radishes, sugar snap peas, sliced bell peppers, and sandwiches.

Please avoid:
Most dairy products (e.g. yogurt, milk, soft cheese), fragile fruit (e.g. bananas, strawberries, grapes), sodas, mayonnaise, and high sugar snacks. SMBA does not allow athletes to consume caffeine at SMBA practices, races or camps.

Drop Off: Drop off  is at the SMBA office. At drop off there will be a coach there to great you, as well as, other athletes being dropped off. Riders are asked to arrive on time and check in with their coach. This is a great time to speak with the coach about any allergies, medical issues or concerns you may have. Please make sure that your athlete is prepared for the day before leaving. This includes: Bike, shoes, helmet, tube, small tool, water and food. Because of the additional length skills intensives please ensure that each athlete has extra food and a change of clothes in an additional bag that will not need to be carried while riding.

Ride: SMBA Skills Intensives leave early and arrive home late allowing each athlete the maximum amount of time to build and practice new skills. Each group will spend time stopping and sessioning sections in order to dial in new techniques, line selection and maneuvers. The number of runs that a group completes during the day is dependent on many factors including the length of the trail, technical difficulty of the trail and the group energy level. In some cases factors out of our control can affect ride time like weather, lift shut downs and injury.

Snack and Lunch: Snacks may be eaten in the van and on the lift. Each group will decide if they would like to stop for a quick lunch break or grab their lunch and eat it on the lift. Extra snacks should be brought to skills intensives as these days can be extra taxing on the riders due to increased energy output. Staying focused and felling strong is extremely important.

Pick Up: SMBA  athletes will return to the SMBA office after each day. Skills intensives do not have a specific end time. Each athlete will call their parents when they are leaving the mountains and when they reach Golden to alert their parents of their arrival time. At the end of the day coaches will be present to assist with questions and to let parents/guardians know if any issues arose during the day. Parents are encouraged to speak with the coaches about their child’s progress. At the end of the session each athlete will also receive an evaluation. Please go over this with your child and feel free to ask your coach any questions about an athlete’s progress.


A: Please let both coaches know and we can arrange a late drop off or help you look for a carpool with another family.