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Full program fee must be paid before the start of the program.

For Spring, Summer and Fall Team program options you may put a $75 non refundable deposit down and pay the balance of the program 10 days prior to the start of the session.

Any late registrations are subject to a $50 fee.

Registration closes at midnight 10 days before the start of the session you are registering for.

Any registrations processed after the close of registration are subject $50 late fee.

We are unable to refund any program fees if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to start date of the session without a letter from your physician confirming the athlete’s inability to ride.

Sessions may not be prorated.

We are unable to provide any refund or make-up days due to inclement weather or cancellation of less than 75% of the total session time for any reason. Please come prepared to ride in all weather!

If a session is cancelled due to low enrollment, total costs will be refunded.


1.) Pay in full on-line when registering or register on-line and mail in a check for the full amount.

2.) All Team Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions payment plan sessions will process the following way. Register on-line and choose the payment plan. This will be an initial charge of $75 with the balance of 2 payments in the 2 months before the program starts.

Spring: $75 registration date, ½ balance Feb.15, second ½ balance March 15.

Summer: $75 registration date, ½ balance April 1, second ½ balance May 1.

Fall: $75 registration date, ½ balance July 15, second ½ balance Aug.15

3.) You can set up a payment plan by check with me in the office. Register on line and skip the payment and send me a check for $75 for the deposit. You can then mail checks in for your 2 – ½ payments. This is for participants who do not wish to use a credit card for payment.

*** We want our SMBA athletes to ride as much as possible! We have taken the fees into consideration, making both programs a great investment! The SMBA Full Time option is a GREAT deal! Even if an athlete is unable to make all of the days within the session!

*** “Approval Required”… Some programs require approval prior to registration from the SMBA Program Director. Please contact for approval.

Here’s to an AWESOME 2018 SMBA Season!!!