Sante Fe BME Race Report

What: Big Mountain Enduro in a private camp (Glorieta Camps) that had an awesome and gnarly trail network.
Where: Santa Fe, New Mexico at Glorieta Camps.
Favorite Part: The loose corners on the tracks, because they were like big ruts with nice catch berms.
How did the team do: The SMBA Race Program did very well, with all but one of our race members finishing. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed this tough and hot race. Some highlights were Burke Valentine winning the Youth Under 16 Category and Quinn Reece placing third in Under 21 Men.
Race Results: Under 21 Women- Elliote Muir 7th, Madigan Munro 8th, Ari Soto 9th, Emily Knight 10th, Ashley Seger 11th, Camille Lamarque DQ
Youth Under 16 Men- Burke Valentine 1st, Braden Linde 5th, Ryan Salek DNF
Under 21 Men- Quinn Reece 3rd, Talus Lantz 11th, Jacob Seger 16th
Thank You: Thank you to all our sponsors for all the awesome support at the races. You’re the ones making it possible for us to go race our bikes at all these awesome places! It’s allowing us to learn and grow in our racing or bikes and in life. It’s so much fun! Thank you so much for the support.