SMBA Scholarships

LERT/SMBA/EMSC fundraising events, raffle, sponsorships and initiatives, such as the Building Champions Campaign, all contribute to opportunities for financial assistance. While we work to the best of our abilities to provide scholarship assistance to every family in need, our requests surpass the available funds.


The climate for fundraising in Boulder County has changed considerably in the past five years. Despite our best efforts, we have experienced a considerable drop in fundraiser participation. We run our finances very closely and generally run a very small gain or loss each year with the long-term balance being essentially neutral. We are very proud of the efforts to monitor budgets carefully, while striving to create opportunities for young riders to experience the benefits that SMBA provides.


In addition to financial data, LERT will evaluate requests against a set of metrics developed several years ago by our Board of Directors to make decisions as equitable as possible.


Please contact the office if you would like to receive a scholarship application.


Scholarship Application Deadlines:

March 1:  Spring Team and Moab Adventure Trip
May 1:  Summer Camps, Adventure Trips and Summer Team Session #1
June 1: Summer Team Session #2
August 1: Fall Team



Every year, Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures provides assistance that allows kids to participate who could not do so without financial assistance. Support the team with your tax-deductible donation: 

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