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Spring Team - Nederland

Mountain biking in Ned for junior athletes of the Peak-to-Peak region.


Founded in Nederland in 1993, SMBA has provided opportunities for junior athletes in the peak-to-peak region for almost 30 years. We continue to offer a Nederland-mountain biking program giving junior riders the opportunity to explore and ride local trails, receive quality coaching, and to build skills and confidence on their bikes.


Grades 2-5

During the spring and fall, after school programs are available for young riders in grades 2-5. This program provides beginning riders with coaching on the basics of mountain biking, with an emphasis on bike handling, braking, cornering, climbing and descending and other skills needed to have the most fun on a bike.  Emphasis is also placed on being a conscientious trail user and building proper on-trail behavior. With rides, starting and ending at the school, this program allows riders to explore local riding opportunities at Mud Lake, the Sherwood and Reload Trails, and Kendall’s Corner. 


The elementary school program also builds experience and endurance helpful for longer summer program days, and provides athletes with a foundation for success in mountain biking for years to come!  Athletes are welcome to join the program on either a one day (Friday) or two days (Monday/Wednesday) per week basis.


Spring Sessions (4/13 – 5/20):

  • Weekday Two Day:  Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:35-5:30pm
  • Weekday One Day:  Fridays, 3:35-5:30pm

Grades 6-12

For older riders, SMBA offers a more advanced after school program geared towards established riders in grades 6-12. With rides starting and ending at Nederland Middle/High School, riders engage in longer rides with a focus on improving climbing skills, technical bike handling, jumping, speed and distance. 


Trails ridden during this program include those at the West Magnolia trail system, East Magnolia, Mud Lake and Ridge Road trails.  This program is an excellent fit for those athletes who are interested in increasing their skills and endurance for summer riding, and is also beneficial to those who want to ride competitively in High School and beyond.


Spring Sessions (4/13 – 5/20): 

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

For all programs, riders need to have a mountain bike in good condition.  We recommend athletes have a bike with at least 24 inch wheels and sufficient gearing to ride mountainous trails.  All athletes should also have equipment necessary to change a flat tire and make minor trail-side repairs/adjustments.  It is also recommended that riders have a hydration pack or backpack with a water bladder (e.g., a camelback) and enough space to hold food for on-trail meals or snacks as well as a jacket for colder weather conditions.

For additional information or questions contact heather@lertprograms.com



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