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SMBA Summer Camps

Our summer camps offer 4-day adventures for beginner mountain bikers who want to learn how to ride on singletrack, or those who want to continue to practice basic bike handling skills they have learned in previous camps. We offer three different summer camp programs: Junior Riders (2nd-5th grade, co-ed); Cycling Sisters (2nd-8th grade, girls); and Explorers (5th – 8th grade, co-ed).
During each ride, coaches foster teamwork and camaraderie; and work with athletes to practice proper technique for navigating technical sections of trail, proper trail etiquette on multi-use trails, and basic trail side bike repairs.Through fun skills games, lots of trail time, and an encouraging environment, athletes build confidence on their bikes, make new friends, and practice new skills on the trails around Boulder. 
Summer camps are a great introduction to SMBA and the exhilarating sport of mountain biking! We recommend athletes participate in a summer camp or two before they sign up for our SMBA Team programs.