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Summer - Boulder Team

Part-time Team Grade 2-12 


Build Confidence and Endurance, Explore Trails, & Dial In Your Skills


The Summer Team is a program for athletes who have a solid foundation of basic bike handling skills on singletrack, and are ready for long days in the saddle on a variety of terrain in and around Boulder County. 


This is an 8 week summer program divided into two 4 week sessions.  Athletes who sign up for the Summer Team ride 2-4 days each week with our summer coaches and SMBA athletes of similar age and ability. Each session will focus on skills progression, team camaraderie, trail route navigation, and community stewardship. Over the course of each session, athletes will gain biking experience on all types of terrain, build incredible endurance, and dial in foundational skills including: descending, braking, and cornering.


The Summer Team program gives athletes the opportunity to experience many avenues in the sport of mountain biking, ride a wide variety of trails, learn about their own riding style, and practice community stewardship through trail work and community garden days. Coaches work with athletes to set goals for each session and provide a positive and encouraging environment for athletes to meet these goals. Athletes may choose to sign up for one or both sessions, and can choose to ride 2 days/week or 4 days/week.


  • Summer Session 1 (2 days/week) Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Summer Session 1 (4 days/week) Monday – Thursday
  • Summer Session 1 (Flex) Pick any 8 days,  (required to use a sign up ahead of time – space may be limited)
  • Summer Session 2 (2 days/week) Mondays & Wednesdays  or Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Summer Session 2 (4 days/week) Monday – Thursdays
  • Summer Session 2 (Flex) Pick any 8 days,  (required to use a sign up ahead of time – space may be limited)

Summer Team athletes must be comfortable riding on singletrack trails with varying topography and being outside on the trail and in non-developed forest environments for most of the day.  It is also important that athletes have some basic bike handling skills including: balancing & pedaling, shifting, braking, and standing up on their pedals on downhills. To ride the trails safely, athletes must have a properly fitting, trail-ready mountain bike in good working condition with adequate gearing. We recommend bikes with at least 24” sized tires.  Athletes should also have a comfortable hydration pack or backpack with a water reservoir (e.g. camelback) and enough space to hold food for on-trail lunch or snacks, a jacket for colder weather conditions, and equipment necessary to change a flat tire and make minor trail-side repairs/adjustments.

For additional information or questions contact heather@lertprograms.com


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