SMBA Cyclocross for Mountain Bikers is for the ridiculously tough athlete that isn’t ready to hang up their bike just because it is snowy, mucky, and cold.  Athletes will learn what cyclocross is all about. Riding will focus on dismount and remount techniques, starts, cornering and bike preparation

SMBA Cyclocross is the perfect chance to keep in shape, learn cyclocross techniques and keep having fun on dirt. Athletes do not need to have a cyclocross bike and all riders age 7-17 are welcome.

2015 SMBA Cyclocross

Cyclocross Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday August 31– October 19 and Saturday/Sunday October 31 – December 5:

(no ride on Labor Day and November 21-29)

Ages 7-11 and 12-17: Monday, Wednesday 4:15pm – 6:45pm, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 am –2:00pm (times may vary due to the race schedule, please check your confirmation)

Full Time (Weekday AND Weekend) $549                     $599 after August 15

Part Time Weekday           $399         $449 after August 15

Part Time Weekend            $399         $449 after August 15

SMBA Cyclocross Program

Coaches: Dylan Fox (plus assistant depending on numbers and ages)

Max Participants: 6 weekday athletes, 6 weekend athletes and 6 full time (these can be adjusted)

Registration opens August 1

Ages: 7-11 and 12-17

Goal: To enable SMBA riders to experience a fun new type of riding during the traditional offseason. This program will help riders develop on and off the bike skills that will help them throughout their riding careers and lives.

Format: Two weekly rides; one focusing on Cyclocross specific skills and the other focusing on adventure riding. Races will be substituted when possible. The skill rides will be held in Boulder, utilizing parks, bike paths, and in-town trails. The adventure rides will be held in surrounding areas that offer a good mix of dirt roads and trails.

Skill Development: Throughout the program Cyclocross specific skills and general bike handling skills will be taught. This includes proper braking, cornering, mounting and dismounting, bike carry techniques, starts, and obstacle negotiation skills.

Schedule: The program will start with a skills progression, continue with race preparation, and finish with racing in late October and November. Rides will be held Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and will be two and a half hours in length. Monday rides will be skills focused and Wednesday rides will be adventure rides. Rides will leave and pickup from the SMBA office. Races will occur in the Front Range area. Riders will meet at the race venue.

Athletes: Riders should have a proficient level of mountain biking skills and fitness. Some of the Cyclocross skills taught will require a background in general bike handling and riding. Riders age 7-11 and 12-17.