SMBA Racing:

SMBA travels as a team to some of the best mountain bike events in the state and country.  Our racers and coaches work together to create an environment conducive to success.  We travel, set up, and practice together, working on many elements of race preparation and execution.  By working with team mates, racers are able to both share their strengths and access the collective knowledge and approach of the team.

SMBA Races:

Boulder Short Track Series
Wednesday: June 6, 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1

Beti Bike Bash, Bear Creek State Park
June 2-3

Other Race Skills Intensives pending final schedules


Additional races will be added to the calendar once race series schedules have been released by promoters.

Boulder Short Track:
The CU Short Track is held each Wednesday at the Valmont Bike Park and is the perfect introduction for athletes thinking about racing. Athletes will meet at the SMBA office and ride over as a group as warm up and a chance to go over tactics. A coach will guide athletes through registration and a pre-ride of the course before the race. Registration for this event is FREE for juniors.

For more Information go to:

Beti Bike Bash: 
June 2 & 3
No USA Cycling license required.
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, May 29

The SMBA van will leave Boulder for the Beti Bike Bash in Lakewood Midday Saturday. We will set up our pit and camping area upon arrival, and ride several practice laps.  Racing occurs throughout the day on Sunday.  While the Beti Bike Bash is the premiere women’s only bike race in the United States, we encourage SMBA boys to come along and support their team mates!  We will return to Boulder after the awards ceremony on Sunday evening.  Coaches will have riders call their parents when we leave the venue, about 45 minutes before we reach Boulder.

Registration and information:
To register for the race, and more information about the, please go to: Please note registration for the SMBA camping and coaching is separate from the race registration fee.

Rates and Dates

SMBA Races

FREE Wednesday Night Short Track

Includes ride over/warm up to venue, coaching (registration assistance, preparation, warmup, start support, feed zone assistance) snacks, and mechanical support.
– Dates: June 6, 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1

Beti Bike Bash – $50

Includes van to and from venue, camping, dinner the night before, breakfast the morning of, and lunch/snacks day of, coaching (registration assistance, preparation, warmup, start support, feed zone assistance) snacks, mechanical support, and pit space.
– Dates: June 2 & 3

Types of MTB Races

There are several types of mountain bike racing that SMBA participates in:

Cross Country: XC is a mass start off road cycling event held on singletrack, doubletrack and dirt roads. Most courses are approximately 10-25 miles.

Short Track: Short Track is a short circuit, mass start event that is approximately 20 minutes in length.

Downhill: DH is a time trial event where one rider descends a technical course to the bottom as fast as possible. Race courses are approximately 4-8 minutes in length.

Dual Slalom: DS is a gated event where competitors are “seeded” according to their qualifying time and then race head to head down similar courses in elimination rounds until a winner is decided. DS races are approximately one to two minutes.

Enduro: Enduro is a cross between a gravity event and cross country racing. Generally racers start at the top of a mountain, racers proceed to race to the bottom of the mountain. There may be some uphill and the technical difficulty tends to be less than that of a downhill. Some Enduros are done as stage races and others are one off races that are longer in length than a typical downhill race.

What to Bring

To insure a safe and pleasant race, please be sure that your child’s bike is in good working condition. A mechanical failure is one of the worst ways to loose a race. By taking care to prepare properly, an athlete can reduce negative variables.

  • Mountain bike
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Cycling gloves
  • Helmet
  • Cycling shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Spare tube or CO2 Cartridge
  • Sunscreen

Food: Before a race it is important to stick to foods that your athlete has tested at SMBA training rides or in less important events. Carbohydrates are the body’s main fuel source for most mountain bike events so it is important that the body’s glycogen stores are ready for the race ahead. Glucose stores can be severely diminished during the night so making sure that carbohydrates are consumed the morning of a race is very important. During the race athletes should try to consume 30 -60 grams of carbohydrate per hour (USA Cycling Introduction to coaching Cyclists). After the race it is important to re-fuel by consuming a snack that contains electrolytes, carbohydrates and protein.

Water: Staying hydrated is very important. Make sure your athlete is fully hydrated before practice and events. The easiest way for the athlete to check that they are hydrated is to make sure that urine is relatively colorless. Each day of training and racing is different so there is no rule on exactly how much water needs to be consumed during an effort. In general it is very hard to keep up with water loss, so athletes should drink plenty of water and avoid feeling “Thirsty”. It is possible to drink too much fluid so finding the right balance and consuming enough electrolytes is important.


Registration is done through the event organization either on-line or on-site.  Parents will need to help their child fill out all registration forms, paying special attention to waivers that need to be signed by a parent or guardian. If any paperwork or money needs to be sent along to the race make sure that you have a designated place for important items in your athletes backpack to bag.

Registration usually costs between $0 and $750 depending on if it is a local, regional, national or international race. Many races offer a discounted rate or free entry for juniors.