Winter Park BME

During our Fourth of July breaks, some of the race team raced in the Winter Park BME! It was a really fun course because it included a few trails that some of us had never ridden before. It was definitely one of the favorites out of all the BMEs!

We were really glad to have been able to do a trail called Mountain Goat, because it’s being decommissioned after this season, so it was pretty cool to be able to race it! All of us were able to clear it, and it was fun watching the pros and some other people coming down it on the practice days. On one particularly nasty rock garden, we saw a guy almost go over his bars because he put his foot down before a drop! It was still a really fun trail though.

The BME involved 4 stages, each on really fun separate trails. The first run went pretty smoothly, with only one chain drop, no bad crashes at all, and good weather. The second stage went smoothly as well, but was a bit more technical. On the transfer to the third stage, it started to rain a bit, so the boys had to do Mountain Goat while it was still wet! However, none of them crashed, and only Emily had a fall on that stage, but she got right back up! As we went to stage four, we heard some thunder and it was cloudy, but it didn’t rain on us at all, which was good, and everybody finished the race smoothly.

The team overall did really well, and there was only one serious crash out of everybody, and very few mechanicals.

For the girls, Ari got 6th, Camille got 8th, and Emily got 10th due to her crash on Mountain Goat. However, she was alright and finished the race! Since this particular race was optional, these were the only girls that made it to the race.

For the boys, Quinn got second, while Talus got 5th! They both raced in the U21 category. Racing in the U16 category, Braden was the only Race Team boy and finished 8th.
The rest of the boys weren’t able to make it to the race.

Overall, the race was definitely one of the best BMEs of the year and was a complete blast. We loved it and thank you so much to our sponsors! Without your help we wouldn’t have gotten to race this BME at all!