Full Season /Specialty Programs 

Team Camaraderie, Adventure Riding, and Racing All Summer Long!


Our full season programs are designed for middle school and high school aged SMBA athletes who are looking for longer, more challenging rides and adventures. The mission of these programs is to have fun, build team camaraderie, progress towards season goals on the bike; and of course, have lots of fun adventures through the spring and summer. 


Each program focuses on early season goal setting and a continuous progression of endurance and skills throughout the year. The programs are designed to build a sense of team, teamwork, confidence, and self-responsibility; and further emphasize athletes’ roles as ambassadors for the sport of mountain biking.


Athletes who sign up for a specialty team program work with their teammates and coach to set season ride goals and plans for the spring and summer. Schedules, trips, and ride plans are tailored to each team based on athlete and team goals set at early season team meetings in the spring. 


New for 2022! Full season programs will have both a full season and summer only option.  Both options are full time and athletes who register ride together as a team with their coaches and teammates 2-3 days/week in the spring and summer. Team travel to races as well as mini-adventure rides and camping during spring and summer session are included in the programs. 


This year, SMBA has two full season programs:  Epic Team (focuses on challenging epic rides, backcountry adventures, and exploring new routes) and Girls Team (epic rides and/or race focus – tailored specifically to the team and athletes’ goals each year). 


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