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Our Dirt Riders program provides an introduction to SMBA for young athletes who are newer to mountain biking.


Kindergarten – Grade 1 

One day a week program introducing young riders to SMBA and the fun of mountain biking on trails around Boulder.  Riders learn how to start and stop on various trail surfaces, brake safely, shift, practice proper trail etiquette and use bike terminology. Riders must have a pedal bike with multiple gears. Come see what riding on dirt is all about.


Grades 2-5

One day a week program introducing young riders to SMBA and singletrack trail riding on mountain bike trails in Boulder. Mentors introduce singletrack FUNdamentals including starting and stopping on varied terrain, braking, riding over obstacles and trail features, trail etiquette and basic bike maintenance. Riders must have a bike with gears and be confident pedaling and balancing on the bike path prior to attending. 


Our 4-day camps provide an introduction to SMBA and mountain biking throughout the summer. 


Cycling Sisters – Grade 2-6

Four-day summer camp introducing riders to basic mountain biking skills on singletrack. These full day biking adventures with fun female coaches create a supportive and positive environment for girls to learn and practice foundational bike handling skills (including balance/proper form, shifting, braking, technical riding, and endurance), and learn about trail etiquette and basic bike maintenance. Girls gain confidence on their mountain bikes through skills games, lots of miles, and even more smiles. Each day, athletes get to explore a new trail around Boulder including: Marshall Mesa, Doudy Draw, Heil Ranch, and Valmont Bike Park.


Junior Riders – Grade 2-5

Four-day summer camp introducing young riders to basic mountain bike skills on singletrack. Full day adventures provide coaching with our fun instructors and include: a pre-ride bike check to learn basic bike maintenance, skills games to learn balance, braking, shifting, and technical riding, lots of miles to practice new skills and learn about trail etiquette, and lots of smiles along the way. Each day riders get to learn skills on a different trail around Boulder including: Marshall Mesa, Flatirons Vista, Heil Ranch, and Valmont Bike Park. 


Explorer – Grade 5-8

Four-day camp for athletes who are comfortable riding on singletrack and want to explore more challenging trail systems around Boulder and Lyons. Full day adventures provide coaching in a positive and supportive environment for riders to practice the basic skills they learned in previous camps and learn new skills on the trail. Each day riders will explore a different trail system in Boulder including: Marshall Mesa/Doudy Draw, Betasso, Heil Ranch, and Valmont Bike Park.



The SMBA Team program focuses on fun, adventures on the trail, and riding with friends!


The team program is geared towards athletes who have foundational mountain bike skills and are looking to ride more, build confidence, and dial in their skills in a non-competitive, encouraging, inclusive, team camaraderie focused environment.


SMBA Team athletes typically have some previous experience riding on beginner – intermediate singletrack trails and/or have previously participated in SMBA’s introductory programs (e.g. Dirt Riders or Summer Camps).  


We offer a variety of spring, summer, fall, and full season options through our team programs. 


Spring Team (Ages 8 and up or Grades 2-12)

The Spring Team rides after school and on Sundays in April – May. Athletes have the option to sign up for after school rides only, Sunday only, or full-time (weekdays + Sundays).  Although there is never a bad time to join the SMBA Team, spring is the best time to learn the ropes, meet new teammates and riding buddies, and get out on the bike after a long winter.  Utilizing local singletrack and parks, Spring Team focuses on reviewing skills, trail etiquette, team camaraderie, and building base miles and endurance for the epic summer rides.

Summer Team (Ages 8 & up, or Grades 2-12)

The Summer Team provides athletes a more expanded riding experience and focus on building skills through tactical play, team camaraderie and community stewardship. Athletes gain experience riding a wide variety of trails with all types of terrain, while at the same time, building incredible endurance and dialing in important mountain bike skills including trail-navigation, climbing, descending, braking, cornering, and various technical riding. Exposure to all of the above allows athletes to experience many avenues in the sport allowing athletes the opportunity to be proficient in all cycling disciplines. Summer athletes also have opportunities for add-on downhill day skills intensives, extra adventure rides, or races throughout the session (locations & dates TBD). This program is for athletes that have a solid foundation of singletrack mountain bike riding. 

Fall Team (Ages 8 & up, or Grades 2-12)

The Fall Team rides after school and on Sundays Late-August through October. Athletes have the option to sign up for after school rides only, Sundays only, or full-time (after school + Sundays).  Fall session rocks!  Athletes have the opportunity to extend their riding season through October; and the weather is perfect, the trails are mint, and the fun is endless. 

Full Season Teams (Ages 12 and up, or coach recommendation).

SMBA all day every day. The Full Season Teams are perfect for the athlete that can’t get enough time on the bike.

Girls’ Team (Ages 12 and up, or Grades 6 and up)

The SMBA Girls’ program is designed for athletes in 6th grade and up who want to explore all aspects of mountain biking including epic rides and racing. The Girls Team will ride together as a team with our Girls’ Team coaches throughout the spring and summer sessions, and tailor adventures/rides to team specific goals set early in the season. The Girls’ Team focuses on teamwork, confidence, self- responsibility and a continuous progression of skills throughout the year. Coaches will work with each athlete to set goals for the year and help them meet new challenges on the bike.

Epic Team (Ages 13 & up, or 8th Grade and up)

The Epic Team program is designed for middle and high school athletes (8th grade and up) who have ridden with SMBA for at least one session, and want to challenge themselves with longer, more epic rides throughout the year. The Epic program will ride together as a cohort throughout the spring and summer focusing on longer-distance, epic backcountry mountain biking. Emphasis is geared towards building skills necessary for self-reliant, adventure-oriented riding – we ride for the joy of riding and going where we have never been before, including point-to-point self-supported distance rides, van supported camp-to-camp rides and adventure rides exploring new trail systems or routes. 


Founded in Nederland in 1993, SMBA has provided opportunities for junior athletes in the peak-to-peak region for almost 30 years. We continue to offer a Nederland-specific mountain biking program giving junior riders the opportunity to explore and ride local trails, receive quality coaching, and to build skills and confidence on their bikes. With all rides starting and finishing in town, athletes have the opportunity to explore all of the amazing trails Nederland has to offer.


The Nederland Team program has spring, summer, and fall options available for athletes in 2nd grade and up. 


Adventure trips are multi-day, overnight camping and mountain bike adventures.  Each trip provides athletes the opportunity to camp, make new friends, and explore new trails. 


Moab  Spring Break Adventure (Ages 10 & Up or 4th Grade and up)

Kick off the mountain bike season with a Spring Break trip to the desert! Athletes will get to explore Moab’s world renowned trails, experience team camaraderie, enjoy amazing desert views, camp under the stars, and of course, make fireside S’mores. SMBA coaches will guide athletes through Moab’s unique terrain trails in a safe, fun and supportive environment. Moab trip program fees include: van transportation, camping, food, and coaching.


Weekend Mini-Adventures (Ages 10 & up or 4th grade and up) 

Take advantage of long weekend/no school days in April with a spring mini -adventure trip to a new trail destination!  Athletes will leave on Friday and spend the weekend exploring a new trail system outside of the Front Range during this weekend adventure.  Program Fees include: van transportation, camping, food, and coaching.


Crested Butte Adventure (Ages 10 & up, or 4th grade and up).

Celebrate the long, warm summer days and wildflower season with a week-long camping trip into Colorado’s high country. Crested Butte is a mecca for mountain biking and athletes will get to explore the singletrack famous for scenic views, fast, flowy descents, and epic wildflowers.  Coaches will guide athletes up rugged mountains, glide through fields of wildflowers and weave in and out of aspens. Crested Butte trip pricing includes: transportation, camping, food, and coaching. 


Downhill Days – Lift Access Skills Intensives (Ages 12 & Up, or 5th grade and up)

This full day training program brings athletes to local resorts where skill development can be quickly achieved through repetitive practice on challenging terrain. Athletes interested in all disciplines of mountain biking will learn to master the art of descending confidently and safely. 


Custom/Private Coaching Sessions/Guided Small Group Rides (All Ages)

Private coaching and small group guided rides are available throughout the year for all ability levels. Riders will be matched with a coach and schedule that will best help reach the personal goals of each rider. 


Off-Season/No School Day Fun Rides (Ages 8 & up, or 2nd grade and up)

Throughout the year we offer “one-off” fun rides.  Whether it is an unexpected last-minute no-school day announced by the district, unseasonably warm and dry weather during the off season, or a planned fun intro to winter fat biking or night riding our coaches look forward to getting in a few extra rides throughout the year. Specialty rides dependent on changing weather, trail conditions, and school schedule. Rides and registration details are announced 1-2 weeks before a scheduled ride.


  • Stay tuned for updates and announcements for off-season, one-off no school rides.