Moab Adventure Trip

Moab Grades 4-12

Overnight adventure trip, Camping, Riding, Fun!


Kick off the mountain bike season with a Spring Break trip to the desert! Athletes will get to explore Moab’s world-renowned trails, experience team camaraderie and make new friends, enjoy amazing desert views, camp under the stars in the Sandflats Recreation Area, and of course, make fireside S’mores. SMBA coaches will guide athletes through Moab’s unique terrain and trails in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.


Our Adventure Trip programs are geared towards athletes who want to explore new trails and new terrain outside of their regular riding areas. The trips build character; and athletes learn navigation and camping skills, practice teamwork, and dial in their mountain bike skills. 


The Moab trip program fee includes: van transportation, camping, meals and snacks at the campsite, and coaching for the week.


Bike, Equipment, Minimum Age Requirements, and Expectations for Adventure Trips:

  • Athletes must bring a reliable, safely fitting mountain bike in good working condition with tires, brakes, and gearing appropriate for rugged singletrack trails and steep terrain. We recommend bikes with at least 26” wheels and working suspension (either front or full suspension). Athletes must also have a well-fitting helmet in good condition and hydration pack capable of carrying the following items during the rides: 100oz water, food/snacks for the ride, handpump, tube/patch kit, multi-tool, and rain jacket.
  • Athletes must bring necessary camping equipment including: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and appropriate post-ride clothing. A detailed camp packing list will be sent out to registered participants a week or two before the camp. 
  • Athletes must be in at least 4th grade at the time of the trip and have previously participated in SMBA Team or Camp rides, or have some mountain biking experience on intermediate, singletrack trails. Athletes must be comfortable camping in rustic conditions with other SMBA athletes and coaches away from home for multiple days. 
  • Athletes are expected to come prepared for a fun week of camping and riding in the backcountry! This means showing up with a positive attitude, helping teammates and coaches with campsite meals and campsite clean-up, being flexible with unexpected camping/ride challenges, bringing proper tools to fix a flat or make minor trailside adjustments and repairs, having proper clothing for weather and unexpected weather changes, and bringing proper safety equipment (e.g., helmet, gloves, sunscreen, and sunglasses).


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