Custom/Private Coaching, Guided Rides & Custom Day Camps

Custom rides and coaching to fit each individual


Private coaching, small group coaching, and guided rides are available throughout the year for all ages and all ability levels.

Riders will be matched with a coach and schedule that will best help reach the personal goals of each rider.


Private coaching is designed around you and your needs. These coaching sessions are ideal for riders of all ages looking to advance their mountain biking skills in a one on one or small group environment, or riders who are interested in exploring a new trail system around Boulder County. Whether you have a specific skill you are working to tackle, a race you are preparing for, a trail you want to explore or would like to try out mountain biking for the first time, a private clinic is the perfect way to reach the next level with your riding. 


To ride the trails safely, athletes must have a properly fitting, trail-ready mountain bike in good working condition. Athletes should also have a comfortable hydration pack or backpack with a water reservoir (e.g. camelback) and enough space to hold snacks, water, a jacket for colder weather conditions, and equipment necessary to change a flat tire and make minor trail-side.


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