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Mini skills camp - Friday Skills INtensives

Lift Access Skills Intensive, Grades 8-12


Build skills and FUNdamentals


This Friday summer time full day training program brings athletes to local resorts where skill development can be quickly achieved with repetitive practice on challenging terrain. Athletes interested in all disciplines of mountain biking will learn to master the art of descending confidently and safely.  Rides are organized around a progression of skills based on each rider’s ability level and goals. 


Riders must have a properly fitting, trail-ready mountain bike in good working condition, a full face helmet, goggles and protective gear. Bikes, helmets and gear can be rented for an additional charge through the resorts. 


Participants should also have a comfortable hydration pack or backpack with a water reservoir (e.g. camelback) and enough space to hold snacks, water, a jacket for colder weather conditions, and equipment necessary to change a flat tire and make minor trail-side repairs/adjustments.


For additional information or questions contact heather@lertprograms