Cycling Sisters Camp, Grade 2 – 8

The Cycling Sisters Camp runs Monday through Friday. The first camp will be Tuesday through Friday due to Memorial day.

Cycling Sisters Camp gives female riders the opportunity to explore the fun and adventure of mountain biking in a supportive environment. Riders will increase confidence while guided by experienced and encouraging female coaches. All abilities are welcome.

Riders will meet at trailheads all over the Front Range, like Marshal Mesa, Betasso, Hiel,  and at the SMBA office. Please check your conformation for drop off and pick up locations.

Monday – Friday 8:30am-3:15pm           $449

2020 Camp Dates

1. May 26 – 29 (Tue.-Fri.)   **No ride on Memorial Day **    $399 – Full with Waitlist only
2. June 1 – 5 – Full with Waitlist only
3. June 8 – 12 – Full with Waitlist only
4. June 15 – 19 – Full with Waitlist only
5. June 22 – 26
6. July 6 – 10
7. July 13 – 17
8. July 27 – 31
9. August 3 – 7
10. August 10 – 14

Monday– SMBA Junior Rider camp will start with an introduction to basic skills including braking, shifting, cornering, ride ready position at Marshall Mesa, one of the SMBA favorites.

Tuesday- Riders will get to explore the meadows and forests of Heil Valley Ranch. The trails add additional technical sections for the riders to test their new skills on.

Wednesday – Eagle trail adds some fun challenging climbs and descents and leads our young riders to the Boulder Reservoir for a swimming adventure. Bring a bathing suit!

Thursday – Riders will get to cruise around town exploring the bike path system, playgrounds, and local trails as they make their way to Valmont Bike Park.

Friday – Riders will load up in the vans and head up to Mud Lake in Nederland! This is favorite area with of fun trails, and will let the riders get to enjoy shred through the woods!

To insure a safe and pleasant day of cycling, please be sure that your child’s bike is in good working condition.

  • Mountain bike
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Cycling gloves
  • Helmet
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack or hydration pack to carry the following while riding:                                                                                                                      *each group will be having snack and lunch out on the trail. All items that a rider wishes to have with them for the day must fit in there backpack.
  • Rain jacket/Layers
  • Water
  • Spare tube (check the tube size and valve type)
  • Sunscreen
  • Lunch and Snacks

Nutritious Items that hold up on the trail include:
Nut butters, jerky, apples, oranges, energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, string cheese, hummus, pretzels, cold pizza, burritos, carrots, celery, radishes, sugar snap peas, sliced bell peppers, and sandwiches.

Please avoid:
Most dairy products (e.g. yogurt, milk, soft cheese), fragile fruit (e.g. bananas, strawberries, grapes), sodas, mayonnaise, and high sugar snacks. SMBA does not allow athletes to consume caffeine at SMBA practices, races or camps.

Drop Off: At drop off there will be a coach there to great you, as well as, other campers being dropped off. Riders are asked to arrive on time and check in with their coach. This is a great time to speak with the coach about any allergies, medical issues or concerns you may have. Please make sure that your athlete is prepared for the day before leaving. This includes: Bike, shoes, helmet, tube, small bike tool, water and food. After everyone has been checked in, the athletes will then go with their coach for the day, do introductions and do their bike safety checks.

Ride Time: Following a bike safety check and introductions the ride will begin. Each day will be new and different and each trail will present a new challenge and adventure. Riders will focus on descending, climbing, cornering, balance and bike maintenance, all while finding new corners of the forest to explore. The all female coaching staff adds extra fun with games, singing songs, crafts and glitter. Riders will get to cool off and swim at the creek, stop for snack breaks, enjoy lunch in the woods and make new friends. Each day is a one of a kind adventure and a ton of fun.

Snack and Lunch: Fuel is important for a successful adventure. Riders and coaches will take water breaks often and stop for several snacks and lunch while out on the trail.

 Pick Up: Athletes will be picked up at the SMBA office after each day (3:30pm). If a group will be late we will do our best to notify parents and guardians as soon as possible. Please allow for a small time window as ride lengths can vary. At the end of the day coaches will be present to assist with questions and to let parents/guardians know if any issues arose during the day. Parents are encouraged to speak with the coaches about their child’s progress.


A: Please let both coaches know and we can arrange a late drop off or help you look for a carpool with another family.